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If you want to experience a new concept in interior or exterior stone design, 5 Star Masonry LLC has vast knowledge in improving the look and value of your living space. We do so by modifying the thickness of stones to suit current structural designs and avoid putting at risk the beauty and integrity of original designs. 

Our customized approach will allow you to achieve your goals and meet your expectations. We make sure your request is delivered on time and within your budget. 


Thin Brick Veneer

Thin brick will allow you to open up your design potential. 5 Star Masonry LLC offers flat and corner pieces thin brick products that can fit any design application. 

Thin brick, meant to get rid of other bricks, makes your walls go up and restrictions go out of the windows. Besides, they are a persuasive option for architects. 



EIFS, when installed accurately, is key to keep your house safe from water damage, intrusive water, and it avoids mold and mildew spread. If you are worried about this and want to know if your EIFS wall system is accurately installed and maintained, our specialists have vast experience you can trust on in West Palm Beach. 

In order to keep water out of your house, EIFS depends on waterproof insulation. In case EIFS is damaged or has any cracks, it can result in moisture and mildew problems. Get in contact with 5 Star Masonry LLC and check if your EIFS is working properly. We offer the best EIFS repair and installation services. 



Nowadays, Quality Stucco repairs and installation is one of the easiest and most cost-efficient maintenance services you can consider for your house. Having stucco services done guarantees that your house remains energy-effective and weatherproofed for a long time. 

You will notice you need professional plastering services when you find drafts in your house, large missing pieces from your house’s stucco or even if you find hairline cracks in your exterior walls. After these services are done properly, your utility bills will be reduced and you will be certain that your stucco will be long-lasting. 

Modern Office Building

Concrete Sidewalks

Walkways are essential in your property. They are more than a functional piece, they are the first impression your guests have of your property. So, if your sidewalk is cracked or chipped, your sidewalks will give a bad first impression. However, this can be easily changed by getting in contact with 5 Star Masonry LLC. We are a Miami licensed and insured company with a team of experts in concrete.

Concrete Porch

Concrete Patios

Patios say a lot about your property. Every house in Miami has a concrete patio, either upfront or in the backyard. Regardless of where your property is, it requires an attractive look. In order to have a nice patio, go for decorative concrete resurfacing solutions and stop spending a lot of money on expensive materials. You will only need a minimal investment and your concrete patio will look fancy and attractive. 


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